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The Alvin Historical Museum
Location: Alvin, Brazoria County, Texas, United States

The Alvin Museum Society's constitution was adopted on April 12, 1976. The Society's stated mission is "to preserve the history of Alvin and its immediate area by heightening residents' awareness of the value of saving the past for the benefit of the future. Exhibits, programs, and activities that educate the museums' patrons are offered. Selected for preservation are structures, objects, documents, photographs, oral and visual histories, and all artifacts that add to the telling of Alvin's story." The Society owns and operates the Marguerite Rogers House Museum and the Alvin Historical Museum both of which are open for touring.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Membership Passes Bylaws

At the May membership meeting of the Alvin Museum Society, the membership voted to accept the new, proposed Bylaws. Many thanks to the bylaws committe for their hard work in rewriting the bylaws and for the unanimous vote of the membership in support of the bylaws. The Board of Directors are working on implementing the new procedures and are asking for assistance and input from all members. As always volunteers are needed to carry on the programs of the Alvin Museum Society. Please contact Board members with your suggestions and comments.