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The Alvin Historical Museum
Location: Alvin, Brazoria County, Texas, United States

The Alvin Museum Society's constitution was adopted on April 12, 1976. The Society's stated mission is "to preserve the history of Alvin and its immediate area by heightening residents' awareness of the value of saving the past for the benefit of the future. Exhibits, programs, and activities that educate the museums' patrons are offered. Selected for preservation are structures, objects, documents, photographs, oral and visual histories, and all artifacts that add to the telling of Alvin's story." The Society owns and operates the Marguerite Rogers House Museum and the Alvin Historical Museum both of which are open for touring.

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Link to the AMS website

Connect with the Alvin Museum Society website by clicking this link- AMS Website

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Blogger Roy said...

Neat, you now can link to the AMS Website from the Blog. However that is just linking to a site with no unique information. It is a circular link. The link should be wit the other links in the header. This link will in time be out of site, hence not of much use in the long term. The whole thing could be resolved if the Blog was the home page of the AMS URL.

But then I am just whistling in the wind.

8:32 AM  

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